Canada’s Merchant Marine is at Risk!

European companiescanada's merchant marines are at risk will be able to bid on transporting cargoes and, because of their unfair wage advantage, begin to replace Canadian ships on routes within Canada. The disappearance of the Canadian Merchant Marine and its’ thousands of jobs for Canadians will take place within 5 to 10 years of CETAs’ implementation.


Generally, seafarers and others have been told that the only intent in CETA with regards to Maritime Transport in Canada is to:

? Use foreign registry ships for the removal of empty containers between Montreal and Halifax.

? Bid on dredging contracts, public or private, within Canada.

Examination of the Maritime Transport section of CETA reveals that parties to the contract have agreed to much more.

In the very first article of the section, the definition of ? feeder services? speaks of ? … transportation by sea of international cargo including containerized, break bulk and dry or liquid bulk cargo between ports located in the territory of a Party.?.

Already CETA is agreeing not only to the transport of empty containers but:

? ? … containerized break bulk… cargo; Therefore, it is not empty containers that are being spoken of but rather ones with cargo, full or otherwise.

? ? … transportation by sea including … break bulk and dry or liquid cargo…?; Now, it is not only containers, empty or otherwise, that are spoken of as being transported but every other type of cargo imaginable that can be carried by ship!

? ? … transportation by sea of … cargo … between ports located in the territory of a party.?; Therefore, the ports in Canada where this carriage would occur is not limited to Halifax and Montreal, but between any port in Canada.

Although we?ve been assured that the intent of CETA has, dredging excepted, been merely concerned with the transport of empty containers, in fact empty containers haven?t been mentioned at all.

Although we haven?t gotten past the the first article of the section ( just the definitions, mind you), CETA is already moving far beyond what we?ve been assured it is intended to do.

In the article actually prescribing what CETA will do with regard to ( Canadian) Maritime Transport, we see that:

? The 1st subparagraph at least makes allusion to the expressed intent of CETA with regard to Maritime Transport ( in Canada) which is supposedly merely the transport of ( empty?) containers on a non-revenue basis ( though not restricted to Montreal and Halifax but including everywhere else.).

? The 2nd subparagraph permits European flag ships, through the broad definition of ? feeder services? in article 1 ( Definitions) to transport goods originating in Canada throughout the country, thereby eliminating Canada?s? Merchant Marine and seafaring jobs through its?use of ? cheap labour? crews and other advantages.

? The 3rd subparagraph seems to assure Europe that Canada will not give the rights to carry cargo within Canada to another party in competition or in preference to them, for example China.

? The 4th subparagraph assures European parties that their ships will not be denied Canadian cargoes due to preference being accorded to Canadian owned ships and/or crews.

? The last paragraph seems to assure European parties that a convenience in shipping cargoes in Canada will not be denied them.

As one can see, its? not a narrow slice of Canada?s? cabotage trade that has been accorded to the European Union, but the ? whole cake? and with such advantages as low-wage crews, they will take it.

Article 14.2 seems to indicate that Canada, in according to European ships Cabotage Rights within Canada, will not discriminate against them by discriminating against them in favour of Canadian or other ships in the use of pilots, port facilities or services.

As one can see, even a layman?s? interpretation of CETAs Maritime Transport section shows that far more has been given up by Canada with respect to its? Merchant Marine and its? some 5000 seafarers than has hitherto been admitted.

It will not long survive these publicly unknown concessions.

The consequences of Canada?s? reciprocal Maritime Transport rights have not been mentionned as there will be no Canadian Merchant Marine or sailors to take advantage of them.

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The Canadian Merchant Marine, along with its’ roughly 4000 seafaring jobs, will disappear because Canada’s’ maritime Cabotage laws will be altered in order to permit CETA to be enacted.

Canada?s? Merchant Marine will be devastated within a few years and entirely disappear within 5-10 years of CETAs? implementation, as well as see the 5000 seafaring jobs, on Canada?s? 180 vessels of over 1000 tons, disappear. With a few strokes of a pen, C.E.T.A. will achieve the complete destruction of the Canadian Merchant Marine. For a look at how CETA may affect the Canadian Merchant Marine and its’ sailors, read the press release here. (French Version).



Marc is a a sailor of 40 years experience on tankers,cargo ships and bulk carriers who has just completed 3 trips on the Annual Canadian Arctic Sea-Lift to resupply Canada’s Northern communities in Hudson Bay , from Nunavik to the High Arctic,which this year included stops in Eureka ( 80 degrees North Latitude) and Grise Fjord, Nunavut, during which the implications of C.E.T.A.s’ Maritime Transport Chapter for Canada’s Merchant Marine and sailors became apparent.

He would normally ship out on another vessel after the Sea-Lift and will do so as soon as C.E.T.A. is either:

Clarified to not endanger Canada’s Merchant Marine, sailors and Maritime Transport Industry;

Be changed to remove such dangers;

Withdrawn or Approved, in which case he will ship out while or if it still possible for Canadians to do so.

Marc est un matelot de 40 ans d’experience sur petroliers, cargos et vracquiers qui vient de completer 3 voyages sur le Sea-Lift Arctique Annuel Canadien pour ravitailler les communautes Nordiques de la Baie d’Hudson, depuis le Nunavik jusqu’au Haut-Arctique Canadien, avec des escales cette annee a Eureka ( 80 degres de Latitude Nord) et Grise Fjord au Nunavut, durant lequel le risque que representait le Chapitre de Transport Maritime du C.E.T.A. a la Marine Marchande Canadienne et ses marins devint apparent.

Normalement il travaillerait sur un autre bateau aussitot le Sea-Lift termine et y retournera une fois que le C.E.T.A.:

Soit demontre de ne porter aucun danger a la Marine Marchande Canadienne, a ses marins et a l’Industrie de Transport Maritime Canadienne;

Soit revise et modifie pour ne plus en porter;

Soit retire ou approuve, dans lequel cas il embarquera aussitot, tant ou s’il n’en soit encore possible pour un marin Canadien de le faire.



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